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From the moment we decided to welcome a "Portie" into our lives, Barb Floch and Cosmos quickly became our number one choice for a Portuguese Water Dog breeder. Barb's knowledge, experience and dedication to the integrity of the breed reaffirmed our decision. Since bringing home our baby Gracie, she has truly lived up to the Portie DNA; highly intelligent, boundless energy, playful, and of course a love of all things water.

Cosmos has proven to be very supportive and we highly recommend Barb as the "Breeder of Choice" in Ontario and beyond. It is a regular occurrence for us to meet other "Barb Floch Porties" on our many adventures in southern Ontario.

Thank you so much Barb for all of your support. Gracie is truly wonderful.

Jason and Shawn - Cosmos Gracie B Weatherell


"One look at the superb parent dogs told us our puppy Petra would be gorgeous and then Barbara did such an outstanding job in Petra's initial socializing and training that 'puppyhood' was a breeze. Here is a breeder who truly cares about her 'family' and devotes all her efforts to producing the best in every possible way."

Lynly, Trevor (and Cosmos Princess Petra Onegin Bailie)

Barbara was recommended to us by a very trusted and reliable source -- Julie Harris, a veterinary technician from Southdown Animal Clinic working with Dr. Warren, who also has one of Barbara's PWDs, "Cosmos Second In Command".  Julie owns "Cosmos Murphy's Law" and "Questar's To Dive For at Cosmos".

First came Sky, born in 2001.  She has a curly coat, which makes her look like a teddy bear.  To me, a curly-coated PWD is what I think of when I think classic PWD.  Despite her regal bearing, she has a real sense of joy and playfulness, especially when she deigns (on a daily basis) to play with her younger "sister", Tyra.

Next came Tyra, born in 2002.  She has a wavy coat, smooth and shiny.  She has tons of energy and wears out her older "sister", Sky.

Owning one of Barbara's dogs means that you have the benefit of her expertise -- 40 years, and counting, of unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in the field of dogs.  She knows all about breeding, bloodlines, genetic testing, behaviour training and socializing.  For proof of this, all you have to do is look at the older dogs who live with her to see happy dogs with excellent temperaments who display the results of positive-only training and socializing.

Several factors set Barbara apart, in our opinion...
  • We've never met anyone who is so attuned to her dogs (and dogs who are so attuned to their guardian).  They live right in the house with her.  The older ones get to sleep on her bed (we can't imagine any other way to live with your dog!).  In a quiet moment, you'll often find Barbara in her comfy chair with at least one dog draped over her in what can best be described as a hug!
  • Barbara holds renowned Saturday "puppy parties" where you can visit mum and her litter until it's time for the puppy to go home with you.  Barbara provides you with an excellent head start to your new life with your puppy which includes lots of her own written advice on subjects including house and crate training, as well as recommendations of others' expertise in the form of books, videos, obedience classes.
  • Barbara cares deeply for all her dogs and is always just a phone call or email away if, after exhausting her recommended resources, you find you absolutely can't do without her advice!

If you happen to decide on an older dog instead of a puppy (as we did) due to preference or circumstances, you may be so lucky as to find she has one available at the time.  While you'll miss the delights -- and challenges -- of puppyhood, you'll enjoy the full benefit of a dog that she has raised to date that means a happy, loving, well-adjusted dog who is a pleasure to live with.

Without hesitation we would recommend a Cosmos Portuguese Water Dog, either bred or selected by Barbara Floch.

Denise King and Marijan Vidovic

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