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Burlington is located 50 kms west of Toronto, Ontario and an hour's drive to Niagara Falls and the American border.  Up until 6 years ago we lived on a 50 acre farm, but now it's the biggest lot we could find in suburbia. 

I began showing and breeding dogs 40 years ago.  First with Dachshunds and horses.  In 1972 Rottweilers found a way into my heart and from getting the best genetic bloodlines I could find, to proper love and training, my Rotties were loved everywhere they went.

While working my Rottie, Lacey, in agility, I met the Portuguese Water Dog and the rest is history.  My first foundation bitch came from Marilyn Rimmer "Questar" in California.  Am Can Ch Questar's Phoebe of Cosmos was a most fantastic producer of quality Water Dogs.  Beverly Rafferty, of the famous Pinehaven kennels in Colorado, sold me BISS (Best In Specialty Show) Am Can Ch Pinehaven's Casablanca, "Bogey", the light of my life.

Breeding dogs has always been a very expensive hobby in an effort to produce the masterpiece.  I begin breeding to the Standard with correct breed type, powerful movement, a temperament that can go all day like the Standard says.  Healthy dogs with an aptitude for water work.  Those are my goals.

The puppies that I can't keep are placed in pet homes where the people understand the amount of time and commitment it takes to raise a well behaved, well socialized dog.  It is not all genetics.  Training is hard work.  The Portuguese Water Dog, as all dogs and people, thrives on positive reinforcement. 

Training:  First you must be the boss.  Dogs need to know their place and since they don't have the reasoning that we have, people being in charge is not a bad idea.  When you give a command you must follow through.  SHOW THE DOG WHAT YOU WANT.  Reward and praise the puppy when it understands you and does what you want.  That's the key to success.  Next you must have the time to give the puppy an enriched life. 

Take a look through my pictures to see what my dogs are like.  They are all house dogs and many sleep in my bed.  Enjoy!
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